CROSS TERRACE MORIOKA is an entrance to downtown Morioka.
It is about 7 minutes walk from Morioka Station.
It has 5 floors.  The  1st and 2nd floors are shopping areas and the 3rd to 5th floors are parking.
There are about 30 shops, which include men’s fashion, women’s fashion,
home accessories, a \100 store, a musical instrument shop, cleaners, music classes,
a local farmer’s market, restaurants,, a convenience store and more.


It is located in central Morioka near Morioka station. There are many hotels nearby.

From here you can go sightseeing,  do some shopping and enjoy Morioka.


It was built with wooden posts and beams from trees about 100 years old, grown by Mita No-Rin corporation, which took care of them for a long time until they matured.
Mita No-Rin corporation manages CROSS TERRACE MORIOKA. Please feel the warmth of woods and enjoy shopping.

store opening hours

Shopping zone
AM 10:00 ~ PM 8:00
Restaurant zone
AM 11:00 ~ PM 11:00

parking opening hours

24 hour